Speaking Presentations

Lauren is available to speak at:

MOPS Events

Mother/daughter Events

Women's Luncheons

Retreats and Conferences

Grief Recovery Groups

Sweetheart Banquets when joined by her husband, Randy Briggs

And More!

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What Others Are Saying

"Some people have the touch...the healing touch of sensitivity, availability, and dependability. Lean in and learn from one who does—Lauren Briggs."

Patsy Clairmont, Women of Faith Speaker

"Over the years I have observed Lauren’s compassionate spirit and willingness to be a light in someone’s time of darkness. Lauren writes and speaks from heartfelt experience and has an avid interest in helping each one of us to help others. We may not know what to do or say, but Lauren does."

Florence Littauer, “Personality Plus,” “Silver Boxes”

"You are so polished! You and your book are shining stars. It maximizes my media network when I can offer a wide range of credible resources—and those resources deliver! Thank you."

June Durr, Marketing & Publications Manager

"...so many times I am frozen and feel helpless and a failure. Your suggestions were so liberating to me."

Gayle Davies

"Lauren taught me much about what helps us during difficult and challenging times. I would have loved for all my friends to have her book, The Art of Helping, during my five years fighting cancer. This book should be on everyone’s bookshelf for reference and to be shared with the hurting."

Emilie Barnes, “More Hours in My Day”

"Lauren’s message provides common sense and sensitive ways we can provide meaningful encouragement to those who need our help when we don’t know what to do."

Marilyn Heavilin, “Roses in December”